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With natural motherly vibes, Charity is the sweetest as they come. She’s a lover and a caretaker, making sure everyone is having a good time and happy. Kisses are her favorite thing to give, so be ready for a whole life full of puppy kisses and love from this girl! Check out some more of her likes and dislikes below!

Huge fan of:

  • Sun bathing and being your sidekick while you do daily outdoor activities

  • Giving kisses to everyone around

  • Loves food and working for treats

  • Playing with dogs and napping in her bed/crate after playing

  • Walks and training exercises to learn more amazing skills with her human

  • Daily structure and a safe crate to sleep at night

Not a huge fan of:

  • Lack of routine in the home

  • Quick movements towards her can spook her, she can be shy

  • Loud storms but doesn’t mind mild rain

See Charity's Video on Youtube & Tiktok

  • YouTube
  • TikTok
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