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Adventures of Nezuko & Inosuke: Chapter 1

I, Nezuko: wielder of the pink flames, saved them all. I don’t think they know of the danger they were in. Weird wire bottomed monster with the long tail tried to get my friends, so I took it down. After a couple battles, I was able to scare it back into its cave, but I know it will be back and I’ll be waiting. It seems to feed on the floor bits that get loose from the odd shaped space ships that smell funny. I checked my friends for damage by using my snoot while also giving some courage to each fluff for future dangers that may come. I checked every hiding place for monsters, all good for now.

Weird green blob has special powers, can’t resist it and the struggle is real. Mom saved me from it many times, showing me that I need to surpass her strength to be the best in the land. I’ll have to keep a watchful eye on it, making sure I practice resisting the temptation to fall for it’s weird tricks. Odd shaped puppies in the room seem immune to it for now, or maybe they are under it’s spell… time will tell once I return to scare away more evil. They will all thank me… eventually.

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