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 Jodi has been training professionally since 2009.  While going through the motions of being in the training profession she adopted Killian, her Shetland Sheepdog, from his original owner who was struggling with many of his "behavioral quirks".  He was what trainers call “highly reactive” around children, men, other animals, cars, and multiple situations. Through unbelievable successes, extreme failures, and many other stressful moments while training this deemed “aggressive” dog, she realized that she had to try everything to help Killian become more balanced. After discovering how to help Killian surpass his obstacles, she was able to help many more dogs suffering from the same issues and more.  Since then, they have rescued a few other dogs that now aide in training and socializing the new dogs in our programs.


    Jodi has experience training group classes in obedience and therapy work, as well as private classes to meet the specific needs of the family and their canine. She has worked for a corporate pet store as their Senior Trainer in charge of the training department and also along side of other highly skilled trainers at a local board and train facility dealing with highly aggressive and anxious dogs.  In 2017, she branched off and created Balanced Mind K9, LLC, which they run out of their home.  She is also a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and an authorized dealer of E-Collar Technologies and 4legs4pets pet cots.


   Jodi also fosters for local rescue groups, where she takes in and raises abandoned kittens as well as fosters and trains dogs that need help becoming calm, adoptable family members. She works with many local rescues and shelters to aide in the transition from the shelter to their new homes.  She also participates in local rescue events to raise awareness on the adoptable animals searching for new homes and donate training and other items to help the animals in need.

Unlock Your Dog's Potential with Us

I invite you to embark on this transformative journey with me! Let's work together to unleash the full potential of your beloved canine companion, cultivate a strong and enduring bond, and embark on a rewarding, lifelong partnership built on trust, communication, and mutual respect.

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