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How we train

Transform Your Dog's Behaviors with Balance

At Balanced Mind K9 we believe that training is a team effort, so the family and trainer work together to help your pup become the perfect companion! This is why ALL of our programs include hands on learning alongside the trainer so that everyone in the family can gain the confidence and knowledge needed to meet your training goals. We touch on proper socialization, obedience skills, and the behavioral aspects of learning in every program, while tailoring the lesson plan to your individual needs as a family.

During our board & train programs, we enlist the help of our personal, well-trained dogs to aide in bringing nervous dogs out of their shell and over-excited dogs to learn proper dog manners. This allows even the most rambunctious puppy to have fun while learning manners around dogs of all sizes and personalities. We utilize the tools and rewards that work best for your dog to teach the skills they need to be successful at home after their stay. Better yet, all of the tools needed to continue at home are included in the board & train programs!

We train in our home, which ensures that any dog in our board & train programs will learn how to thrive in a home environment. We focus on teaching pups how to properly handle freedom as they learn, while allowing them to be themselves and relax alongside of our family as one of our own. They will be set up with their very own kennel right along side of our own dogs, set up with 24/7 surveillance to provide a safe training experience at all times. You will also get updates on our Facebook and Instagram page on what your dog is learning during their stay!

Our focus is to teach what is necessary for each family to enjoy their dog for what they are, a best friend! There are endless possibilities with training, allowing for more freedom and adventures to come. Teamwork makes the dream work, so don’t hesitate to get started! We will help you every step of the way to achieve your dream pup!

Let’s Work Together

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