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Grant is an energetic, fun loving party animal! He’s a complete goofball, loving to roll around on his back for belly pats and wrestle with his dog friends. Grant is very energetic, so he would do best in a household with another dog friend that understands his play style and active owners for walks and adventures. Check out some more of his likes and dislikes below!

Huge fan of:

  • FOOD! This boy loves treats and food of any kind.

  • Training for rewards and play

  • Treadmill runs or walks in the park

  • Rest breaks in his crate after playtime

  • Playing ball even if he isn’t great at catching

  • Frolicking in the yard getting the zoomies

Not a huge fan of:

  • Impolite people or dogs

  • Not getting enough exercise daily

See Grant's Video on Youtube & Tiktok

  • YouTube
  • TikTok
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