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Bella is a wonderfully sweet hound mix who loves to play and bounce around with her doggy friends. Shes got the energy for a more active lifestyle with the love for snuggles with her favorite buddies. Bella loves to learn, so the more training and one-on-one activities you have with her, the better! Check out some more of her likes and dislikes below!

Huge fan of:

  • Playtime and exploring new places

  • Naps in her crate after exercising

  • Walks and car rides

  • Getting the zoomies with her best doggy friends

  • Gentle pets and brushing

  • Belly rubs and rolling around in the yard

  • Exercising on the doggy treadmill

Not a huge fan of:

  • Loud storms or noises sometimes spook her

  • Rude people or dogs that don’t take time to get to know her first before playing rough

  • Allergies to chicken, so on a salmon diet and does wonderfully

See Bella's Video on Youtube & Tiktok

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  • TikTok
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