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Off Leash Finishing School

An advanced boarding course for all dogs wanting to learn on and off leash skills while staying in the trainers home!

With a focus on off-leash reliability, we offer this program that allows us to do all of the hard work and then teach you how to continue on the new course for your dog's new behaviors.  Your dog will get 24/7 training in all three aspects of training, including obedience, behavioral, and socialization with other dogs, cats, people and more!  The longer the program, the more advanced the training becomes.


    During your dog's stay you will receive detailed updates on your pet's progress through our direct line, Facebook, and our Instagram page. Each program includes all of the equipment needed to continue the training success once your dog comes home! Also included is a Go-Home Packet of useful information, an in-home Go-Home session, a Tune-Up Session, and ongoing support even after your program has ended!

  • Proofing of Core Commands under heavy distractions

  • Conditioning to an E-collar for off leash reliability of commands

  • Public access training exercises (ex. stores, restaurants, parks, etc.)

  • Focus on confidence boosting exercises/overcoming low level behavioral issues

Prerequisite: Behavioral Consultation

Session Length: 4 weeks
Age Requirements: 5 months or older
Total: $3,500 - All training equipment included

(50% deposit of full program to book) 

* Aggressive/highly anxious dogs do not qualify for this program * 

* Rehabilitation programs possible at trainer discretion, please reach out for discussion *

 *additional taxes will be added to all services rendered*​

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